Beaver Tales

Why we don’t relocate beaversXX

A growing community of restoration professionals are embracing the “New Frontiers” of beaver related restoration and “Partnering with Beavers” as an understandably exciting, ‘go to’ approach or practice to enable and enhance restoration efforts at a reach and broad subbasin andwatershed level. Some practitioners take a ‘build it and they will come’ approach. Recognizing in …

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Image from Fur-Bearers

Young Beaver Dispersing in Spring

Springtime beaver dispersal It’s springtime, and beaver families are adjusting to the new year ahead. Some may be relocating to a second den area for safety as springtime waters expand and can flood out the primary lodge.  (Here’s a short story on PBS, of a beaver family relocation.) Young adult beavers are striking out on …

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Marks Creek Comes to Life – Prineville, Oregon

People and Beavers Join Forces in Restoration near Prineville by Marina Richie Two belted kingfishers flash blue wings above a beaver dam and angle into the trees shading Marks Creek. The birds’ ratcheting cries merge with the distant roar of an excavator dumping rocks in a dry creek bed upstream. The contrast could not be …

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