Beaver Works provides technical assistance for addressing problem beavers,  and also the conditions that beavers need to be successful within a stream system.

Got Bothersome Beavers?
- beaver dams flooding fields?
- culvert or POD plugging?
- removing trees?
- tampering with irrigation ponds or ditches?

Contact us for advice, solutions, tools and techniques - practical, proven ways to protect your property.

Beaver Works is fully insured and a member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association, and trained through the Beaver Institute.


Want beaver on your property?

What are the conditions that beavers need to be successful and establish on your property?

We provide technical assistance to landholders and agencies on beaver related restoration and the conditions beavers need to settle into a stream system. Contact us for advice around:

  • Beaver behavior and biology - attracting dispersing beavers to settle and stay in your stream system
  • Where to prioritize instream work that can enhance beaver establishment
  • Food and vegetation preferences, varieties and amounts that beavers need for long term establishment and success
  • Beaver Dam Analogue (BDA) support and design for sediment aggradation and flood plain connectivity
  • Infrastructure adaptations (culvert protective fences, flow devices, tree fencing) for up and downstream neighbors concerned about beavers

Contact us for more information.

Watersheds...or "Water Catchments"?
Watersheds of long ago - before Euro American trapping and settlement - functioned more as water catchments, slowing and capturing and rainfall and snow melt through beaver works naturally abundant on our high desert landscapes.

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