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Beaver Exclusion Project Details - May 2020

  • This project will prioritize protection for the trees that provide the most shade and aesthetics to folks in the neighborhood, and are generally more ‘at risk’ as a preferred species by beaver.
  • Some trees will be left unprotected for the beavers’ benefit, and as some tree species often benefit from the “hard pruning” techniques that beavers employ.
  • Beaver Works’ field crew will also work to replenish some of the trees ‘harvested’ by beavers this spring.

It’s our hope that this project will provide a long-term solution to the downed trees, while also allowing our State’s animal – Castor canadensis – to continue to provide ecosystem benefits to flora and fuana along this stretch of the Deschutes River.

Project is currently scheduled for ______________.

Contact us at info@beaverworks.org for more information.

* Protective fencing or ‘sand point’ solutions when aesthetics matter
* Vegetation buffer zones that ‘make the right thing easy, and the wrong thing hard’
* Landscaping with the tree species distasteful to beaver

A ‘water flow device’ allows water to pass ‘through’ the beaver dam, keeping water levels at acceptable heights to prevent flooding

Prevent culvert blockage – and backed up flows - with beaver exclusion fencing