River Neighbors Trail Camera Loan Program


Residents along the Deschutes River and within Central Oregon are invited to reserve infrared trail cameras to enjoy riverine wildlife activity.

Imagine what you’ll “see” when animals are doing their things while you’re away or sleeping?

Use the camera to locate wildlife for learning their patterns and behaviors that can help both live harmoniously on the river. You can also enter your photo or video captures in our First Annual River Neighbors Photo Contest and even win your own trail camera and other prizes.

This new program is offered through Beaver Works Oregon - which offers humane solutions to protect beavers and serve all our river neighbors.

To Get Started: email pamela@beaverworks.org to reserve a trail camera for up to 2 weeks with online and phone support.  (Donations appreciated but not required.)

Trail Cam Loan Program details:

  • One trail camera per riverbank resident on first-reserved basis for 14 days.
  • Content from the camera’s are ultimately the property of the resident but must be downloaded from the camera’s SIM card before returning.

Cameras will be delivered or mailed with instructions for use with SIM cards and batteries included.

If you prefer, a field technician can be scheduled for an outdoor site visit to set up the camera and help you monitor for a nonprofit organization donation. Camera’s will be sanitized and all state and county COVID protocols followed.

p.s. - Watch the video below to see a trail camera in action.


Living on the banks of the river, you know the honks of geese, slaps of beaver tails at dusk, and trout rising for mayflies. You know the wild rhythms of waters that swell, recede, surge and flow always downstream. We are ALL river neighbors—wildlife and people together. But as relative newcomers on the scene, people have much to learn from the wild inhabitants.

We invite you to join us in finding ways to co-exist with fellow humans and wildlife alike. Living on one river, we are linked to one another. Each person brings a perspective, values, and a way of knowing. What we hope to find are the common currents, and an openness to learning about the ecology of the Deschutes. We invite you to consider being ambassadors for a river section—championing acts of reciprocity, so we all may give back to the river that gives so much.