River Neighbors of the Deschutes River Basin


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Beaver Works and Coalition for the Deschutes (?) is hosting a photo contest month to highlight some of your favorite riverine wildlife photos or images from your home along the Deschutes!

Win a trail cam!

The theme for this contest is your "Favorite Oregon Coast Experience". We've kept this theme broad because we want to see the large variety of ways that Oregonians enjoy our beautiful coastline whether at the beach or on the water! This could be a memorable sunset, a day spent on the water, or your favorite coastal creature. We invite you each to submit a single photo to this contest by __________.

After receiving submissions, we will pick several winners and feature these photos in June's newsletter. Additional photos may be highlighted on our social media platforms. We can't wait to see your best shots!

NOTE: By submitting to this contest, you consent to letting BWO/CFD use all photos in future publications and agree to the Terms and Conditions for photo submission defined in the link below:
(pull from https://www.dfw.state.or.us/images/photo_gallery/photo_gallery_terms_conditions.asp)

River Neighbors Photo Contest
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