Interested to help Beaver Works Oregon support beaver success, native wildlife habitat and riparian resilience on the landscape?

Donate dollars or equipment (below) to make our field work and support services possible.

Here's our Wish List of needs to Donate toward for upcoming projects in 2022:

  • $450 buys 6 Meidase Trail Cameras (example here) to monitor beaver presence and population dynamics at one study site
  • $250 buys Refurbished or second-hand iPads for capturing/logging field data (example here)
  • $100 buys a 10 pack of SD memory cards to provision one trail camera monitoring location
  • $25 buys 100 AA batteries for monitoring an active beaver site for 1.5 months

Interested in giving around a specific, larger need?

Please contact us at or by phone at 541-362-1024.

(Think Wild is a 501c3 Corporation, Tax ID 46-2360867)

Donate by Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Account.

Donations can also by made by check, mailed to:
Think Wild/Beaver Works Oregon
PO Box 5093
Bend, OR 97708