And thank you for your interest in supporting beaver and native wildlife habitat on our Oregon high desert landscapes.

Beaver Works Oregon is the growing vision of dedicated volunteers working to build this effort and activities as a program under Think Wild (Wildlife Hospital and Conservation Center), in Bend.

Want to learn more? Reach out to us direct at info@beaverworks.org or signup to receive updates.

If you're a land steward or landowner interested in a consultation or mitigation services around problem beaver, please reach us direct at 541-362-1024.

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-Reese, Erica, Kate, Pamela and Jeremy - Summer 2020


Landowner Engagement and Support Program (seeking funding)
* Providing solutions and support to mitigate beaver problems around infrastructure and agriculture
* Advising on the riparian conditions needed for successful beaver settlement, within a watershed or sub-basin.
* Community workshops on "living with beaver" within the Deschutes River Basin

Community Outreach and Education
* Speaking on beaver history, challenges (barriers to fuller success on the landscape) and our vision for more beaver (5X!) on the landscape
* Providing beaver expertise/curriculum and programming to classrooms and related nonprofits
* Collaboration - and coordination - with other beaver related and restoration nonprofits throughout the U.S. and Europe
* Capturing and sharing Beaver Tales (stories from around Oregon, of beavers on the land) (seeking funding)

The "BeWo" Crew in the field around eastern Oregon and Washington.

Reese Mercer - Program Director
Spearheads Beaver Works strategy, systems and cultivating agency/nonprofit partner relationships. Building BWO's community outreach platform.  Business and technology professional, and Think Wild board director. On LinkedIn.

Kate Wellons - Field Botanist, Development and Education
Building the Landowner Engagement and Support program - working on-site with landowners and restoration professionals.  Supports beaver education curriculum and spearheads our grant application efforts. Eastern O. native plant nursery manager.

The Beaver Response Team Crew

Pamela Adams - Program Manager
Pamela oversaw trail crews with the National Park Service/Golden Gate National Recreation Area in the San Francisco Bay Area and brings years of professional risk management experience to help clients evaluate the full range of relevant considerations including landscape priorities, site condition, local ecology, budget and timeline. She may also get you hooked on “trail camera therapy".

Jeremy Fox - Field Technician
Jeremy arrived at Beaver Works Oregon via many other outdoor jobs and pursuits, including outdoor education, guiding, farming, firefighting, adaptive ski coaching, and cooking. A jack of many trades and master of none, he thrives in settings where he is learning. Jeremy looks forward to the detective work, as well as working with the land owners to cooperatively find solutions. When not fencing trees you might find him working at a plant nursery, rafting, trail running, mountaineering, or creating the ultimate backyard garden."